About.me erlaubt es dir, deine eigene Online-Visitenkarte zu erstellen.

Keyfacts (Zu About.me)

  • About.me ist ein Web Hosting Service, der 2010 online ging.
  • Der Nutzer kann hier eine eigene Seite mit Hintergrundbild und Informationen über sich selbst, vergleichbar mit einer Art Online-Visitenkarte, erstellen.
  •  Man kann Profile als Favorit markieren, die Seiten anderer mit Freunden teilen, oder eine Mail an die Person oder das Unternehmen etc. versenden und so Kontakt zum ‚Profilinhaber’ aufnehmen.

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@igorsantos07 Hi, Igor. We don’t currently offer a way to reorder the icons, but they are added in the order you ad… https://t.co/qWHQfnhZnJ

@va3jme @gitlab @github Thanks for the request! We'll see what we can do, based on popular demand ✨

@drdang Not at the moment, but we'd love to learn more about why that's important to you! Could you please send us… https://t.co/Gr0uE5VTal

@tkpleslie @savourpartnrshp Great question, @tkpleslie! We have a general link to explore our Pro features at… https://t.co/1cayVklbSa

@tkpleslie @notthatnathan Help is included with Pro! Just email support@team.about.me.

@Nourh7 Sorry for the delay! Could you please email your page link to support@team.about.me? We'll get that sorted out for you right away.

@tkpleslie @notthatnathan Hi, Leslie. You can add a contact form or an email signup Spotlight Button as part of the… https://t.co/Nw6s1jtdr9

@BobRodkin Thanks for the feedback, Bob! Can't say we have an iOS app in the works, but all https://t.co/H1fGhsLAkv… https://t.co/IfwQfZv12g

@nureenv Hey Nureen, sorry to hear you had trouble reaching us! If you send a message to support@team.about.me, we'… https://t.co/rPxA0h1e8T

RT @tkpleslie: I'm using the PRO version of @aboutdotme . It's all you need to know #aboutme, in one quick look. If you want to see all the…